The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3DS

I haven’t been to active for my own blog, but that’s ’cause I’m the Google+ spokesperson for Nintendo Papercraft… Anyway, I have been active on the Nintendo Papercraft Forums. The user gundamslicer (No capitals) has designed/recolored this 3DS. But wait, what’s it doing on my blog? I helped little Gundy testbuild his model. So it was kinda a collaboration; he designed, I built. Download your! Happy building!


“Modern-Day” Link

Well, this seems to be what the standard of Link has now become. A 17 year old (ish) blond in a green tunic, and tights. Again in the form of a Minecraft skin (those are generally easier to design).

Download yours at Happy building!

Sorry for being inactive!

Sorry for the inactivity!
The last post was made over a month ago, and I proposed to you (the reader) I would have a new papercraft by now (if you follow my Google+ page that is!). Sadly, because of school and the crap-loads of homework, I really don’t have time for that! Heck, I haven’t even printed the template out! *Sigh* See, because I print at a library they totally revamped the printing wizard. They took of the fax page off completely! So, part 1 of P.1 will be cut off, I don’t want that! Instead, I will put the black pieces on a separate page, making the model a 3-pager, costing me (and others who print at libraries) more…. My apologies if you wanted that Ness papercraft made by now, I’ll try to have it up as soon as possible, first I have to find a way to scrounge up $1.50…

NES Link

Back in the 80’s Link was a random guy running around around a huge country called Hyrule in a man-skirt. He talked to random old hermit guys in caves that said “It’s dangerous to go alone, take this!” or “Buy something will ya?” or random middle aged guys saying “I am Error.” Here he is, this time in the form of a Minecraft skin, Link! You can download him at:

Designed by me, SuperDeku on Pixelpapercraft (I’m raichurox1127 on Pixelpapercraft)

Welcome to my papercraft world!

Hello and welcome to SuperDeku’s Papercrafts! Mostly you will find pixel art like papercrafts here (usually scanned onto my computer).

Some things you will need to get started for downloading my papercrafts: A program that can unzip files (I recommend 7-Zip for Windows users, and The Unarchiver for people who use Mac or iMac. Download 7-Zip at: and The Unarchiver at:, a printer (normal printer paper will do, my papercrafts don’t need that much sturdiness. I personally print at a library so if you don’t have a printer OR you have a black and white printer, print at a library near you!), scissors or a hobby knife (buy a rubber cutting mat if you are using a hobby knife), and glue.