More inactivity apologies…

I heavily apologize for not posting so much on my blog. Rest assured, Donnel is completely finished and I will build him as soon as I can, maybe a week, and I promise it will be up by then. For now, I’ll tell you what my next project is:

Being a big – and I mean big- fan of the MOTHER/EarthBound franchise, I decided to show some love for it. Which is why I’m making a chibi papercraft (much like the Donnel model) of Lloid/Roid from the original MOTHER for the Famicom. This is a fairly easy model and won’t take me as long as Donnel (almost 10 months). Thank you for visiting SuperDeku’s Papercrafts!



Donel WIP 4

Donel WIP 4

I finished Donnel, everything except the helmet is done. But just how do I plan on doing that? i dunno, but you should expect a release soon enough!